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Speak Your Peace
09/01/2015 — 10/31/2015

Moksha Yoga and Modo Yoga is a community of independently owned yoga studios across Canada, the United States, and Australia. But we are not just yogis! We are also peaceful environmental and social activists. We show up at protests and peace walks; we sign petitions and raise money… but it’s not always enough.

That's why we created our annual SPEAK YOUR PEACE campaign – to increase our participation surrounding issues that really matter, and to help inspire others to use their powerful voices and actions to effect positive change.

After being introduced to RAVEN Trust and Pull Together's work by our B.C. based studios during last year's SPEAK YOUR PEACE campaign, we decided to support Pull Together as a community this year. Why? Humankind has made many big mistakes in history, and we passionately feel that we are at a point where we cannot afford the risk of another one. So, we invite yogis and yoga studios everywhere to join us in solidarity. By pulling together, we choose what we are heading toward and what we are moving away from. We choose life. We choose truth. We choose a lifestyle that provides us with enough time to breathe, and sit still, and to see this miracle of life that we are all a part of.