After almost three decades of trying to find something that she loved enough to keep loving it for a long time, Camilla discovered Modo Yoga. In January 2011, almost precisely one year after discovering Modo Yoga, Camilla found herself on a very uncomfortable plane (followed by an even more uncomfortable truck) bound for the jungles of Brazil, where she spent 30 incredible days training to be an instructor. She knew from the first time her bare foot hit the warm cork floor of the hot room that Modo was going to change her life, but she never could have guessed just how much.

Camilla loves both the intensity of the Modo series and the peace she finds while practicing it. It helps her balance effort and ease (sthira and sukkha) on and off the mat, and she hopes to guide her students to that same amazing feeling.

When she’s not busy teaching (or being taught) the fine art of sweating profusely, Camilla loves to hang out with her really rad husband Dan and her really bratty cat Margot. She also loves cooking delicious, (mostly) healthy food, spending summer nights on the porch with her best friends, and spending winter nights wishing they were summer nights (and being thankful for the constant access she has to a 100-degree room).