Lauren believes in the remarkable capacity of yoga as an instrument crucial to the healing process-her teaching philosophy and practice reflects this. After years of experiencing disabling arthritis, looking to doctors and western medicine for relief from the pain, Lauren was serendipitously invited to her first yoga class. This was the most physical activity Lauren had done in years; but, when she finished the class, she felt liberated—mind, body and soul. The Modo hot room eased the physical pain while the Modo community eased the isolation associated with chronic illness. Inspired, Lauren left her corporate career, in February 2013, to complete Modo Yoga’s RYT-500 hour program in Los Angeles the following month.

Lauren has a passion for teaching; she wants to share this gift—the healing power of yoga— with all yogis—beginners and seasoned practitioners, alike. For those new to yoga, Lauren enjoys baring witness to every student’s individual process of discovering how yoga can benefit them in all facets of life her knowledge of anatomy and sequencing sustains engagement from her seasoned yogis and keeps the learning process in flow—the best of both worlds. Since her initial training, Lauren has completed numerous workshops and trainings including Modo Flow training in Toronto (May 2015) and weekends with Richard Freeman and Mary Taylor. She teaches Modo, Modo Flow and Hot Flow.

When not teaching, you can find Lauren deepening her own practice at the Modo studios, studying yoga anatomy and philosophy and attending to her pet sitting business, My Pet’s Aunt.