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Andrea K

Andrea’s unwavering desire to inspire, teach, and heal combined with her connection to the study of Mindfulness innately brought her to the divine practice of Yoga. Upon sensing her first yearnings to heal and teach, Andrea acquired a B.S. in Psychology from Miami University and a Masters in Montessori Education from Xavier University. While both areas of study provided her with invaluable knowledge and skills, she sensed that her calling still remained elsewhere.

It was then that Andrea fell deeply in love with the practice of Yoga and felt a compelling pull in its direction. She began arriving consistently on her mat- in both heated and non-heated studios- and she explored how to take the practice + teachings off the mat as well. Andrea completed her 200 RYT with the Bija School of Yoga in 2013 with a focus in Ashtanga/Vinyasa. She knew instantly that this was it, this was her dharma, her intrinsic calling, a means to combine Mindfulness, teaching, and healing, and she dove right into every opportunity to teach. Andrea’s wanderlust heart + passion for sharing the gifts of yoga has led her to assist on several yoga retreats locally and across the world in Bali, Indonesia. Andrea led her first Yoga + Mindfulness Retreat this past summer and plans to continue fulfilling this dream by leading retreats all over the world. She also had the opportunity to serve as a Mentor for the 2015 graduates of the Bija School of Yoga.

In July of 2015, Andrea discovered the magical connection between yoga and water as she completed Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga Teacher Training through Stoked Yogi and Paddle Fit which she plans to incorporate in her retreats. She has deepened her studies under the instruction of such renowned teachers as Kino Macgregor, Taylor Hunt, Richard Freeman, Mary Taylor, and Rachel Brathen. Andrea acknowledges and finds excitement in knowing that she will always be a student and plans to continue her studies locally + internationally as well as through day-to-day interactions with her students.