Emily manages partnership development, community outreach and corporate wellness for Modo. Additionally, Emily is part of our lovely desk staff and you can find her at the Columbia Tusculum studio during the week.

Emily came to know Modo Yoga as a home away from home soon after discovering a studio across the parking lot from her work. Being a lover of all things natural and earthy, yoga has brought together many aspects of interest exploring the profound connection between the mind, body and spirit. Yoga and prayer/meditation are essential to maintaining holistic health and wellbeing for Emily. Consistent yoga practice brings grounding and peace to the soul and physical body in this ever evocative and evolving life.

Although Emily is not yet a teacher, she has a deep love for yoga and finds joy in sharing her practice with others – encouraging modifications at every pose. Yoga should be a lifelong practice and in order to accomplish this, one must listen to their breath and body!