Haley started her consistent practice here at the Modo studios in 2013 and instantly fell in love with the serenity it brought to her life. She knew the moment she stepped into the hot room and onto her mat she felt at home. It wasn’t long after that she realized she wanted to share her love for yoga with others and applied for teacher training. She admires the Modo/Moksha community as a whole for their love of the yoga practice, the Modo series and the 7 pillars that they live by.

In her teaching Haley aims to always make her students feel welcome and loved. She hopes that through developing their own personal practice they can transform their life in all positive aspects. She believes that what the world needs right now is more yoga! Cultivating peace by finding your center balance.

When not teaching or practicing she is busy plotting her next adventure to travel the world. She believes that laughter (second to yoga!) is the best medicine and that life is intended to be lived to the fullest, each and every day.