The yoga magic began in 2011 at the age of 19.  After my first week in the Modo Hot room, I fell in love. Three years later, I found myself curiously wandering the streets of L.A. at Modo Yoga Teacher Training.  I find out every day how much yoga and life itself is part of this grand, creative project of self expression. Self expression that continually leads me to the higher, lighter self. Each day I change, each day I am miraculously transformed through the practice of yoga. I truly see the practice as a sacred form of art that leads to pure enlightenment and each day I am thankful for the limitless benefits.
When I am not on the mat, I continue to seek the love within and around me. Seeing the world as a canvass, I admire creations of all forms. I take pleasure in the speed and the gusts of wind that brush my face on a mountain bike ride through the woods. I daydream behind a cup of coffee and dive into the depths poetry and the soft ink that bleeds onto paper. I love the act of cooking for others and feel as if it is such a genuine gift to give to another. I am visually captivated in artwork that speaks with loud, painted colors and with soft, undefined borders. I admire the live, authentic sound of a record player and any music that makes the soul feel completely alive. The road often calls my name and my feet feel deeply rooted in travel and exploration. Luckily, yoga allows me to travel and seek wanderlust within my very own soul.
I see myself and everyone else as an artist of this universe and I am so excited to share the divine, dark, light, magical world of simple, beautiful human expression with everyone I encounter.