After my first Modo class I was not mesmerized by the heat like some, but instead what I fell in love with was the challenge that the heat and the practice brought. The heat and physicality of it agitated and stirred up emotions, thoughts and feelings that I was forced to confront. This led me to change in order to be the best version of myself possible and continues to happen daily with each practice. This constant self analysis and self awareness is something I have always been drawn to and yoga fits into that so perfectly that it couldn’t be ignored.

As a teacher I want to share with my students this sense of empowerment that a yoga practice can bring. In the heat of the moment (no pun intended), when your emotions run on full intensity, can you stay calm and truthfully live your yoga? We must learn to step outside of ourselves, feel whatever arises from the depths of our beings (physically or mentally), take a few breaths and then choose to respond from a place of love and not fear. To me this is truly living my yoga and I would like, through my teaching, to help students cultivate this feeling and awareness in their own lives. Yoga has graced me with this understanding that I am powerful beyond measure and I can’t think of a better way to spend my life than to share this with others by giving them a platform to find their own inner strength! Let’s all shine brightly, live fully and peacefully, and share it with the entire Universe!

Sutra 1:29 Tatah pratyak cetanadhigamo’ryantarayabhavas cha

“From this practice all the obstacles disappear and simultaneously draws knowledge of the inner Self”