Yoga is my spiritual center, and has had a profound impact on my attitudes about health, exercise, body image, life, love, and gratitude.  I do appreciate yoga for the aesthetic advantages it provides, in the form of long, beautiful, toned muscles.  That can feel important sometimes, and that priority was my “gateway” to yoga back in 2001 when I began practicing with two most beloved instructors, Bryan Kest and Govind Das in Santa Monica, California.  Over the years, though, I learned through my practice and from my teachers that it is not the body, but life itself that is a manifestation of beauty.

I became a yoga instructor with the hope that my students will discover a practice that not only improves their physical forms, but makes them better mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, partners, friends, lovers.  Sharing myself with others through yoga feels like part of my purpose — something to which I am meant to devote myself, for however long I am alive.   I want participants in my classes to leave feeling longer, leaner, looser, and stronger (of course!), and blissed-out and radiant too.
Something amazing happens when we come to the mat to move, to flow, to breathe.  Yoga becomes an articulation of the love and grace within each of us, and a celebration of the divinity that unites us.  I can feel it.  All of it.  Yes, yes, yes.