Upcoming Retreats through The Connection Project:

OCTOBER 20-28, 2018


About Punta Mona, Costa Rica

A rich coastal area near Bocas del Toro, Panama, the land and sea boasts abundant biodiversity, with primary rainforest right up to the coast and rich aquatic life supported by extensive coral reef.
The Punta Mona Center was founded by Stephen Brooks after his family came to Costa Rica on vacation. While indulging in the eclectic life of Puerto Viejo, Stephen — always the explorer — ventured off to the nearby town of Bribri, the municipal center of the region. Driving through the lush rainforest he was awakened to the vast, expansive views of the monocultured banana plantations that dominated the landscape.

Since then, Stephen has traveled the world seeking plants that can dramatically better people’s lives, as well as increase biodiversity and abundance! Today, the Punta Mona Center boasts over 300 varieties of tropical fruit and nut trees, abundant root crops, vegetables and annuals, as well as over 150 medicinal plants!

Since the early years Punta Mona has been a mecca for environmental studies students, for permaculture designers and organic gardeners, for healer and alternative chefs. We have gone through many stages of transformation at Punta Mona, from a regular rotating volunteer farm to the current incarnation of an organized educational retreat center, experiential guest house and thriving permaculture farm.

Retreat offerings include:

  • 9 Days & 8 nights.
  • All hotels and accommodations.
  • All meals and gratuities.
  • All transportation.
  • 5 nights at Punta Mona with 3 organic jungle gourmet meals.
  • Guided tours, use of facilities, kayaks, snorkels.
  • Events including Whitewater Rafting, Jaguar Rescue Tour, Guided hike to Punta Mona.
  • Boats to and from Punta Mona.
  • Full time Trip Facilitator that will meet your group in San Jose and be with you throughout the trip.
  • Daily yoga and meditation classes
  • Nightly offerings, live music.
  • Full moon fire ceremony.
  • Learning the art of cacao and cacao ceremony
  • Permaculture class with world renowned thinker, global visionary, & owner of Punta Mona – Stephen Brooks


  • Prices include tax.
  • Prices do not include flights and massage/ body work with Allison Kemphaus and any alcoholic beverages.

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